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Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset: How to Nourish your Mindset to Make It Thrive!

Growth mindset is one of two belief systems we might have about our own abilities. Growth mindset has a more stagnant counterpart known as a fixed mindset. Research has shown encouraging different types of behavior might predict a person’s future successes.

Motivation Research has shown that these two mindsets are manifested from a very early age. Our mindset governs our behavior and our relationship with success and failure. This occurs in both professional and personal contexts, and ultimately affects our capacity for happiness in life.

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Upward social mobility

Upward social mobility: What is it? In this case, leading researchers have divided the population into five categories or quintiles. If you are born in the bottom 20% (experts refer to this as the bottom quintile), upward social mobility is the chance you have to move up to the top 20% (or the top quintile). Another term commonly used for social mobility is inequality.

According to The Brookings Institution, there are multiple layers at work when it comes to our personal social mobility.

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Virtual School

Virtual School: 2020 has ushered in unprecedented learning challenges. It was as if the whole world changed in one day back in March, throwing everything we knew on its head. Dining room tables furnished with tablets and Chromebooks were transformed into stay-at-home classrooms. In an instant, parents and caregivers became distance learning teachers to their children. There was no way to prepare for this.

Then came fall. Teachers were told they would now be teaching very differently. Most of us were thrown into the frying pan with little to no training. Career teachers suddenly felt like they were starting over. All those classroom procedures and lessons they spent perfecting over decades were now useless.