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Multiplication tables: The Importance of Mastering

Learning multiplication is an essential part of your child’s elementary education. Students who have mastered (not just memorized, but understand) their multiplication facts gain a solid foundation helping them throughout middle school, high school and beyond. It’s an activity that can be easily practiced at home.

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Screen time

Screen time is an unavoidable reality of modern childhood, with children of every age spending hours upon hours in front of tablets, smartphones and televisions. Technology pervades our culture and continues to be encouraged at younger and younger ages.

Montessori Blog - Grumble Services elementary learning resources

Virtual School

2020 ushered in unprecedented learning challenges. Dining room tables (and maybe a few couches) furnished with tablets and chromebooks were transformed into stay-at-home classrooms. In an instant, caregivers became teachers to their children.

For months now, arguably maybe even for years before that, the question has been asked, dissected, debated and toiled over by parents and caregivers everywhere.

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Independence sometimes feels like a lofty but unobtainable goal for your children. As a caregiver, you don’t need to be told by anyone that teaching your children life skills and daily activities is a difficult job. It seems when life is at its most hectic, you need your child to be more independent throughout your daily routine.