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Reading Daily

Reading Daily: Focused, challenging reading is so important for everyone (big and small) to do each and every day. Current research supports reading from a printed book format helps even further.

The printed format seems to offer higher levels of comprehension and retention than reading text from a computerized screen: “When reading long, linear, continuous texts over multiple pages that require a certain amount of concentration, referred to as “Deep Reading.”

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Montessori Second Plane of Development: “Cosmic Education” is the plan Dr. Maria Montessori developed for children during the elementary ages or, as she named it, the second plane of development.

She believed children at this age would be motivated to learn by being given a broad view of the universe and all of its great forces. Through Cosmic Education, children learn everything in the universe has a cosmic task to fulfill.

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Screen Time

Screen time is an unavoidable reality of modern childhood, with children of every age spending hours upon hours in front of tablets, smartphones and televisions. Technology pervades our culture and continues to be encouraged at younger and younger ages.

Montessori Blog - Grumble Services elementary learning resources

Virtual School

2020 ushered in unprecedented learning challenges. Dining room tables (and maybe a few couches) furnished with tablets and chromebooks were transformed into stay-at-home classrooms.

For months now, arguably maybe even for years before that, the question has been asked, dissected, debated and toiled over by parents and caregivers everywhere.