Montessori Elementary GUIDE: STAY-AT-HOME Distance Learning Workbook
Designed for anyone looking for Independent, Self-directed Learning
at home.
SEMI-PRO 2020 Edition – PDF Version

Item specifics:
Number of Pages: 385 including Answer Key
Subjects: All subject area (Elementary)
Genre: Distance Learning, Elementary, Montessori, Home school
Date of Publication: August 10, 2020
Format: PDF (eGuide) Digital Download
Publisher: © 2020 Grumble Services LLC

“I LOVE your 160 page packet! 👍🏻”


For the ultimate learning experience at home, bundle the Stay-at-home Montessori Distance Learning Guide
with the educational game about literary devices, GadZooks!

This truly reads Montessori.

Kari #2, July 2020