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Elementary, Montessori-inspired Learning Resources: All products are both student & peer reviewed. Much of our curriculum has been developed over more than a decade of teaching and reflects student interest and contribution.

These resources emphasize skill sets given priority by our Common Core Standards in areas where students might also need a bit more practice.

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Word Study blog by Grumble Services - Word Study, it's all Greek to me!

Montessori Spelling & Vocabulary GUIDE: Elementary WORD STUDY Language Help Workbook

Montessori-inspired, Elementary & Homeschool Word Study Lessons

Montessori-inspired Spelling & Vocabulary Guide: Elementary Word Study PDF Workbook! Distance Learning Resources • Grumble Services LLC • Montessori-inspired Elementary Learning
Montessori Spelling & Vocabulary Guide ROOKIE Edition

Explore the inner workings & nuances of modern English. This learning resource guides young linguists to:

Study how roots, suffixes & prefixes modify the meaning of words

Explore the nuances among words within different word families

Determine the meaning of words by analyzing meaningful word parts

Delve more deeply into word study with synonyms & antonyms

Examine how 2 words together will create a new compound word!

Avoid discouraging struggling spellers! Word study is the study of changes made over time to words in a given language. It enriches our vocabulary and can be a highly effective aid to spelling!

Rookie Edition
PDF + key

Language help

Literary Devices &
Figures of Speech
NO PREP Educational Game!

GadZooks!  Learning is fun.

GadZooks!  is a witty word game to play at home or in the classroom. It’s a board/style game played similarly to Apples to Apples. 

Participants come up with an example of the literary device (from the square they land upon) using a word(s) from the cards in their hand.


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GadZooks! Language Game • Distance Learning Resources • Grumble Services LLC • Montessori-inspired Elementary Learning
GadZooks! Language Game
For the whole family!

Montessori Cosmic GUIDE: Elementary Montessori Materials & Lessons Workbook

Montessori-inspired, Elementary & Homeschool

Mo Cosmic GUIDE - New Year, New Look 7.25.21
Montessori Elementary GUIDE: STAY-AT-HOME Cosmic Learning Workbook

For lack of a better term, this Cosmic “workbook” contains 12 cosmic concepts. 

Each of the Guide’s 12 concepts (chapters) include content area in 6 interconnected academic areas (12 to 14 pages each – ‘Cosmic Education’): Science; History & Geography; Language Arts; Geometry; Mathematics; & Math Help (review pages).

Over 160 pages of distance learning content including: What is a Virus? Coronavirus Series & The American Civil Rights Movement – the precursor to Black Lives Matter!

Semi-Pro Edition
PDF + key

United States History: Making America – Elementary Montessori History help & Geography printable pages (28 + Key):

Colonialism & American Civil War to American Civil Rights Movement
Elementary Distance Worksheets

Featured in the Montessori Elementary Cosmic GUIDE 2020!

Journey through the making of our nation and through the lens of world influences.

The United States has a complicated past, present and future: Explore the process of immigration and how all 7 continents on Earth continue to help shape “America.” Explore the troubling beginnings of our country – from slavery to the Civil War and Reconstruction period to the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. What’s in store for our future?

All topics are explored through multiple historically sensitive viewpoints.


Coronavirus & COVID-19: What’s a Virus? Series – Science & Biology:

The Human Body, The Immune System & COVID-19 Elementary Distance Worksheets

Featured in the STAY-at-HOME Montessori Guide 2020!

Explore what a virus is, the differences between a virus and a bacterial cell, the spillover of the coronavirus and what a vaccine will do to stop COVID-19.

Answer both Right There questions and Think and Search short answer questions using domain-specific phrases and learn scientific jargon such as DNA, particle vs. cell, microorganisms, molecules, mutations and antigens.

Learn some of the history and science behind some of Earth’s most powerful viruses, past and present.


Lines, Angles & Polygons Series – Geometry & Math:

Measurement Review – Elementary Distance Worksheets

Montessori Elementary GUIDE: Polygons Lines Angles Learning Workbook

Featured in the STAY-at-HOME Montessori Guide 2020!

What Montessori materials do we use to explore lines, angles and polygons? How do we transfer these skills to an abstract platform? 

Practice identifying different lines, angles and polygons. Learn terminology and match names to each. Determine angles and polygons based on their characteristics. Answer short answer questions about their characteristics. Great review for the older student as well.

Great review for the older student as well.


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